How to Make a Line Graph in Excel Easy Ways

Drawing a graph in Excel may be a fairly easy thing to try to to lately . First let me clarify that charts and graphs in Excel are an equivalent thing.

There’s no actual drawing to try to to it’s a matter of a couple of simple clicks, that’s what makes Microsoft Office so uncomplicated to use.

I’m including a touch exercise for you to follow to make a line graph just to ascertain how it works. you’ll create a make-believe Spreadsheet and enter fake data for this exercise or use an existing file if you’ve got one.

How to Make a Line Graph in Excel

Follow these simple steps.

• Enter your data without leaving blank rows or columns between data. When fixing your spreadsheet describe the info in one column and enter the info to the proper of that. If there’s quite one data Place a title for every data sequence then add its unique information in columns. Then the Graph Data will got to be selected.

• Using your mouse drag and highlight the cells with the knowledge in them you would like to graph.

1. On the ribbon in Microsoft Excel 2019 Click insert

2. Click Chart category and click on the graph sort of your option to select it

Choosing the proper quite chart for your data:

Generally speaking pie charts are only used when the categories’ are small in number therefore the relative size of the various slices are often easily determined.

For several categories’ use a column chart. For data that has got to follow a sequential order use a line chart.

Remember that a line chart will alter data that happens at irregular time intervals. once you want to plot two numeric values against each other use X-Y Scatter Charts; furthermore, they’re also good for recording data with irregular time intervals.

Once you can’t seem to seek out a chart that matches your needs; you’ll create a custom chart supported the built-in chart types. you’ll also create a mixture chart by combining two or more types during a single graph.

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Some things to stay in mind when designing your graph are bulleted below:

• Line graphs should haven’t any quite three or four data series
• Gridlines should be wont to provide only approximate values use them sparingly
• When formatting choose colors which will be distinct on the printed copy
• Be conservative with text styles so as to not confuse data

Now you’ve got learned how easy creating a graph can be; additionally , about the various sorts of graphs such for better design, choose the acceptable type in Excel. you’ll play with changing fonts and colours to format your graph to your liking.

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